"Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water" - Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893 - 1986)

Where there is water, there is Life! Everyone must have heard of this quote but we hardly understand the depth of meaning behind it. Scientists continuously look for the presence of water in their search for life on other planets. Water is probably the least understood and the most important aspect of our healthy life. Water represents 70% of our body weight, but in terms of number of molecules in our body it represents over 99% of molecules. Water hydrates our tissues and organs, lubricates our joints and makes nutrient absorption possible at the cellular level which is the root of healthy living.

Water is unique in many ways. It is the only substance which can be found in all 3 states - Solid, Liquid and Gas. Water has many 'anomalies' which make it different from any other liquid and a unique exception to the rule. Below are some examples.

  • The solid form of water (ice) is less dense than the liquid form of water.

  • Hot water may freeze faster than cold water - the Mpemba effect.

  • The surface of water is more dense than the bulk of water.

  • Water shrinks on melting when other comparable substances expand.

  • Liquid water can be easily superheated, meaning that it can be heated to a temperature above its boiling point without actually boiling!

With all the advances in science, we may assume that we would have figured out water by now, but believe it or not, the science of water is far from complete even today. 

But what kind of water is good for us? Let us first look at desirable qualities of good drinking water. 

  • pH - good drinking water should be alkaline or close to neutral pH but never acidic.

  • Purity - good drinking water should be free of chemicals and contaminants such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Antibiotics, Heavy metals.

  • Charged/Ionized water - Water with a negative millivolts (mV) charge is life enhancing and sustaining. Human body cells have a healthy negative charge across cell membranes which allow for entering of nutrients and elimination of wastes, thus being critical for optimum cell function. Negatively charged water also exhibits antioxidant potential contributing towards neutralizing the positively charged free radicals, slowing down age-accelerating free radical damage to DNA.

  • Structure of water - Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted extensive studies on the structure of water and even linked to water's ability to change it's structure and expression based on intent or consciousness directed towards it or even based on music played to water. He developed a technique using a powerful microscope and high speed photography to photograph newly formed cyrstals of frozen water samples. Dr. Emoto discovered that water from clear springs exposed to love and gratitude formed brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake patterns. On the other hand, water which was polluted or exposed to negative thoughts formed incomplete dull and asymmetrical patterns. Fore more information, see Dr. Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water

  • Memory of Water - Water also displays some very interesting properties which science is only beginning to grasp, one such being memory. Water is able to retain memory of every substance which comes in contact with it even after the substance is removed from it. This also happens to be the primary principle of Homeopathy. In fact in homeopathy, the more we dilute the actual homeopathic solution with water, the more powerful it becomes! French Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier even introduced the idea of DNA teleportation, through which DNA can replicate in a new water sample even in the absence of the original DNA purely by transmitting electromagnetic signals from the original DNA. The concept of memory of water and therefore water being able to hold both positive and harmful memory/energy patterns can have huge implications since we ourselves are mostly water.

Spring water is the only water we should drink. In the form of pure natural springs, nature delivers the best water which has been filtered by mother earth, is naturally enhanced with minerals and carry a healthy negative charge.

Here are a couple of good Spring water brands:

  • Mountain Valley Spring water - From a remote valley of Ouachita mountains in Arkansas on 2,000 acres of protected forest, Mountain Valley spring water is naturally ionized, naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.8, and naturally has a unique blend of minerals. What' more, it has been named 'Best tasting water in the world" twice!

  • Starkey Spring Water - Emerging from more than two miles deep through fractures in the Imnaha Basalt, a volcanic formation in the mountains of Idaho where the water's purity has been protected for more than 11,000 years. Starkey Spring water is lightly mineralized and silky smooth with a naturally alkaline pH of 9.6! 

You can also locate a natural spring near your live and bottle spring water yourself! Check out www.findaspring.com where you can browse and locate natural springs around the world.


What's in our tap water?

Tap water can contain a shocking amount and variety of chemicals and other contaminants including antibiotics, plastic fibers, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals. Here are a few studies done on tap water.

  • An NRDC Study found disinfectants, lead, radionuclides, arsenic, VOCs and nitrates in the tap water of every US state.

  • A research study from EWG and Northeastern University found toxic nonstick chemicals in tap water.

  • An eye opening global study by Orb found microscopic plastic fibers in more than 80% of tap water samples collected from five continents! 


Considering the above, we recommend installing a good quality whole house water filter like the Aquasana Premium Rhino Whole House Filter so that you get good filtered water throughout your homes including showers and kitchen needs. If for some reason this is not practical, at the very minimum, filters for shower heads and counter top or 'under the sink' water filters for regular needs.

The famous books Your Body's Many Cries For Water and Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty! by internationally renowned researcher and author Dr. F. Batmanghelidj suggests that chronic dehydration contributes to many painful and degenerative diseases including asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, excess body weight, brain damage, arthritis and depression to name a few. Furthermore, Dr. Batmanghelidj gives 46 reasons on the role of water in our bodies, some of these are listed below:

  1. Without water, nothing lives.

  2. Comparative shortage of water first suppresses and eventually kills some aspects of the body.

  3. Water is the main source of energy – it is the “cash flow” of the body.

  4. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside each and every cell of the body – it provides the power to live.

  5. Water is the bonding adhesive in the architectural design of the cell structure.

  6. Water prevents DNA damage and makes its repair mechanisms more efficient – less abnormal DNA is made.

  7. Water increases greatly the efficacy of the immune system in the bone marrow, where the immunes system is formed (all its mechanisms) – including its effectiveness against cancer.

  8. Water is the main solvent for all foods, vitamins, and minerals. It is used in the breakdown of food into smaller particles, and their eventual metabolism and assimilation.

  9. Water energizes food; and food particles are then able to supply the body with this energy during digestion. This is why food without water has absolutely no energy value for the body.

  10. Water increases the body’s rate of absorption of essential substances in food.

  11. Water is used to transport all substances inside the body.

  12. Water increases the efficiency of red blood cells in collecting oxygen in the lungs.

  13. When water reaches a cell, it brings the cell oxygen and takes the waste gases to the lungs for disposal.

  14. Water clears toxic waste from different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal.

  15. Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and helps prevent arthritis and back pain.

  16. Water is used in the spinal discs to make them “shock-absorbing water cushions.”

  17. Water is the best lubricating laxative and prevents constipation.

  18. Water helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  19. Water prevents clogging of arteries in the heart and the brain.

  20. Water is essential for the body’s cooling (sweat) and heating (electrical) systems.

  21. Water gives us power and electrical energy for all brain functions, most particularly thinking.

  22. Water is directly needed for the efficient manufacture of all neurotransmitters, including serotonin.

  23. Water is directly needed for the production of all hormones made by the brain, including melatonin.

  24. Water can help prevent attention deficit disorder in children and adults.

  25. Water increases efficiency at work; it expands your attention span.

  26. Water is a better pick-me-up than any other beverage in the world – and it has no adverse side effects.

  27. Water helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

  28. Water restores normal sleep rhythms.

  29. Water helps reduce fatigue – it gives us the energy of youth.

  30. Water makes the skin smoother and helps decrease the effects of aging.

  31. Water gives luster and shine to the eyes.

  32. Water helps prevent glaucoma.

  33. Water normalizes the blood-manufacturing systems in the bone marrow – it helps prevent leukemia and lymphoma.

  34. Water is absolutely vital for making the immune system more efficient in different regions to fight infections and cancer cells where they are formed.

  35. Water dilutes the blood and prevents it from clotting during circulation.

  36. Water decreases premenstrual pains and hot flashes.

  37. Water and heartbeats create the dilution and waves that keep things from sedimenting in the bloodstream.

  38. The human body has no stored water to draw on during dehydration. This is why you must drink regularly and throughout the day.

  39. Dehydration prevents sex hormone production – one of the primary causes of impotence and loss of libido.

  40. Drinking water separates the sensations of thirst and hunger.

  41. To lose weight, water is the best way to go – drink water on time and lose weight without much dieting. Also, you will not eat excessively when you feel hungry because most often you are only thirsty for water.

  42. Dehydration causes deposits of toxic sediments in the tissue spaces, joints, kidneys, liver, brain, and skin. Water will always clear these deposits.

  43. Water reduces the incidence of morning sickness during pregnancy.

  44. Water integrates mind and body functions. It increases ability to realize goals and purpose.

  45. Water helps prevent the loss of memory as we age. It helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and “Lou Gehrig’s” disease.

  46. Water helps reverse addictive urges, including those for caffeine, alcohol, and some drugs.

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